Delphi Auto On Module

Installation Instructions


Thank you for purchasing the automatic power on module for the Delphi SkyFi XM Radio receiver.  Installation is very simple and requires no tools or electrical knowledge.  The module works by sensing power availability after you start your car.  Once it senses that your car is started it begins a three second countdown to ensure that your cars electrical system has stabilized.  After the three seconds have expired, the module sends the IR remote control sequence for "Power On".   The radio thinks that it just received the "Power On" command from the Delphi remote control and powers on!



*** Do this entire procedure with the ignition off ***

1) Unpack your auto on module.  The module is pre-wired and encased in plastic, do not remove the plastic coating.  There are three components to the module.  The microprocessor module contains the processor and electronics to generate the correct infrared "turn on" signal.  The IR Emitter actually transmits the "turn on" signal, and the power connector replaces the power connector on the Sky Fi cradle.


2) Remove the self stick tape liner from the rear of the power on module and adhere it to the back of the Delphi cradle. 

3) Unplug the power cord from the Delphi cradle and plug it into the auto power on module.

4) Plug the power connector cable from the auto on module into the Delphi cradle

5) Take a moment to look under your Delphi cradle.  You will notice that the underside is not solid to the right of the cradle.  You want to mount the IR Emitter as far right as possible but still have a solid place to mount the IR Emitter.  Before removing the cover on the self stick tape you should experiment with different mounting locations to find a spot that reliably starts the Delphi every time you start you car.  To experiment with mounting locations, hold the module in place while turning your ignition on.  Try this several times to be sure you have a reliable location. 

Tip: The system tends to be more reliable if you have the IR emitter stick out from the base by about 1/2".  In other words, do not have the emitter flush against the front of the cradle. 

Tip: The self stick material on the IR emitter may not hold if your car tends to have a bumpy ride.  Your kit contains a small piece of "industrial strength" double stick tape which will hold better in harsher environments.